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"Asian", "Alabai", " the Central Asian Shepherd

Under these names ,we have got used to perceive the breed of these dogs, which have been taken out once from far Central Asia. Unfortunately, the name fixed by the standard creates incorrect representation about breed. Among experts disputes do not cease: whether to consider in general the Central Asian sheep-dog as breed or group of breeds which the Soviet cynologists have precipitately united once in one. In fact in each country or even the separate district entering into Average (Central) Asia, the dogs helping shepherds to protect a flock, know at all under a name " the Central Asian sheep-dog ". In Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan e.t.c. But the one who saw these dogs in places of their prime dwelling, never will confuse "Turkmen" and "Tadjik". If to explain accessible language is as for us Japanese and Chinese on one person though the difference is obvious to them. We just wish to acquaint the reader with one of these breeds, namely Turkmen Alabai or as it still often name on its direct applicability, a Turkmen wolfhound. In Turkmenistan Alabai is declared as national property and it is forbidden to export from the country.By the order of the government for Turkmen TV recently made a film about these dogs. Turkmen's are proud of Good Alabai, as they are proud of their stallions, and never for any money will not sell to a stranger.This ancient breed which has kept the shape practically constant up to now, the proud sight, executed wisdom. In it there is nothing artificial, created by the person to please to a fashion. It - embodiment of the Force, capable to resist to a severe reality of a life.

Therefore a word "sheep-dog" radically incorrect: it is not a dog living with sheep flock and guards the sheep on a command of the shepherd. He/she is a wolfhound, dog, independently making the decision, capable to drive away wolves, to protect the owner and his property. The main criterion of selection skill is to conduct fights for dogs if the dog is not capable to stand up for itself , then it has no right to be a flock protector - and and this understanding in Turkmenistan still stands . In Turkmenistan tests fights are done each year, the best Alabai dogs from different corners of the country brought there. Who saw these tournaments, will agree, that they cardinally differ from so-called " the dog fights ". It is more likely similar to a knightly duel or fighting dance where wins strong spirit. Such rigid selection during many generations and daily struggle for a survival promoted creation of that courageous and legendary shape of Alabai which we see today. By new paragraph are entered in history and family trees of many dogs, names of champions Turkmenistan on fights: Kara Kele, White and Black Ekemen, the Polar bear, Акusha, etc. The huge pleasure is delivered when one has contact with these dogs. Each time you learn something new of their mysterious "Asian" soul, being amazed with their remarkable intelligence. Ability to be content, ability to withstand heat and a cold, quickly adapt in various conditions, and also the sound health and the counterbalanced character is only a little bit of those qualities which can win your heart. But it is necessary to remember, that strong do not suffer weakness. 

Therefore we never shall recommend to get a wolfhound to diffident people, elderly or to children as a dog-partner. 

The soldier cannot be babysitter. It demands a firm hand and strong will. Only equal or stronger spirit can estimate all beauty and power of this ancient breed.

Source http://www.zooprice.ru/articles/dog/2007-6-1.phtm

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